The Emotional Realm

Four Worlds TherapyPainful emotional experience is often the catalyst for beginning therapy. Emotions hold important information for us – they cue us in when things are out of balance and need attention. We may feel overwhelmed by emotional states, as happens when we are depressed or anxious. Often the distress is caused by patterns we have learned early in our lives. If we grew up in families where emotions were not expressed or were punished, we may have learned that pretending not to have any was the safest strategy.

Yet we are emotional beings and are experiencing feelings all the time. As we learn to open and accept our feelings, we find that they are powerful messengers, and that they are also transient. Once we have heard their message and allowed ourselves to feel our feelings, we find that they change and shift.

As we become more open to the flow of emotion, and learn tools for feeling without becoming overwhelmed, we begin to access, heal and release a lifetime of stuck feelings. As we do, we become increasingly fluid and at ease with our emotional selves.