Thoughts and Beliefs

Four Worlds TherapyOur work will help you explore and transform limiting and self-defeating beliefs and behaviors. At our core, our deepest nature is one of fluidity, wholeness, joy and self-compassion. The true meaning of joy is not being happy all the time, but rather being deeply and fully engaged in life.

You may be seeking therapy because, like many people, you may find yourself plagued by feelings of self-doubt. The negative beliefs we hold about ourselves are distortions of our true nature that are sourced in fear. By identifying and bringing compassion and understanding to these false beliefs, we begin to clear the way for the emergence of the deeper aspects of our true nature to arise.

Our minds are also our greatest allies in transformation, when we shift from negative beliefs to enlisting the wisdom of the mind in service of our own growth and development. Each of us carries within us our soul’s inner wisdom that, as we learn to listen, will guide us to peace and fulfillment. Our work focuses on helping you find and deepen your ability to listen to and trust your inner guidance, enabling you to:

• Develop greater compassion for and understanding of yourself
• Identify and move towards living and fulfilling your dreams
• Deepen and or create more trusting and meaningful relationships
• Trust yourself and become your own strongest ally