The Soul’s Wisdom

Carl Jung believed that each person held within them the blueprint for their own unfolding, called the Self. As an acorn contains within it the oak it will one day become, within each person is a brilliantly intricate pattern of the soul’s becoming.

As we grow up in families, and live in the world, we become imprinted with others’ expectations of us and internalize beliefs about who we are and who we should be. We may lose touch with the thread that connects us to the truth of who we are.

In psychospiritual or transpersonal psychology, we attend to the voice of the soul and spirit that is always speaking to us, if we can develop the ears to hear and the eyes to see what it is showing us. By paying attention to the messages sent to us from our dreams, through images that emerge in artwork or in life, through active engagement with our imagination, we begin to discern the voice of the Self speaking to us and guiding us to become our most authentic and realized selves.

For many people, connecting with spiritual traditions can be a great source of strength and guidance. Archetypal psychology treats the images that come to us as messengers from the Great Mystery, that appear in many forms: dreams, art, myth and story, and attention to life’s synchronicities.

For many, what is most meaningful is the transcendent beauty of nature itself, or the love that is felt with family and friends, in our connections with animals, and in community involvement.

Therapy is a journey that may lead to increased sensitivity and respect for the unfolding Mystery that is our dance with life.

I have experience and training in a variety of orientations, including Jungian active imagination, dreamwork, Native American shamanism and healing approaches, Buddhist meditation and mindfulness therapy approaches, yoga, Reiki, various energy healing modalities, ecopsychology, and extensive study of kabbalistic healing approaches.

I hold deep and abiding respect for all wisdom paths.