Jungian Analysis and Consultation

Living from our authentic self connects us with the most meaningful aspects of life: joy, compassion, and a deep sense of peace. Jungian analysis is an opportunity to know and live from our most authentic self.

The therapeutic relationship provides an opportunity to explore feelings that arise in our interactions with others. By exploring these feelings in the safety of the therapeutic alliance, we can begin to heal from wounds and false beliefs that may have been formed when we internalized feelings from our families and other significant relationships.

As we deepen our connection to our true nature, we open to our creativity and expression in the world. Exploring how self-limiting beliefs and patterns may have kept us from realizing and expressing the truth of who we are in the world opens the doorway to a more meaningful life.

As we learn to trust ourselves, our relationship with ourself and others become more alive and empowered. We find meaning and connect with our purpose in the world.

Life transforms.


Carolyn Shoshana Fershtman, JD, PhD

Psychologist and Jungian Analyst

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