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Jungian Analysis and Consultation

Engaging in Jungian analysis is an opportunity to know and live from our most authentic self. Living from this authentic core connects us with the most meaningful aspects of life—joy, compassion, creativity and our capacity to love.

As we deepen our connection to our inner source, or what Jung called the Self, we open to our creativity and authenticity. Exploring how self-limiting beliefs and patterns may have kept us from realizing and expressing the truth of who we are in the world opens the doorway to a more meaningful life.

Together we engage in depthful conversation and reflection. We explore images and symbols that arise that often carry profound meaning—through dream analysis, shamanic journeying and active imagination, artmaking and sandplay, journaling and somatic and mindfulness approaches.

As we learn to trust our deepest selves, we find meaning and connect with or deepen our commitment to our purpose in the world. Our relationships become more alive and empowered.

Life transforms.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, May 7, 2022
11:00 am – 4:00 pm Eastern Time, USA

(Please note that this workshop begins one hour later than all of our other workshops.)
A Daylong Zoom Seminar led by Shoshana Fershtman, JD, PhD

Contact hours::4 CE contact hours for Licensed NYS Social Workers, Psychoanalysts and Creative Arts Therapists for this program. General public welcome!


The Biblical Exodus from Egypt is an archetypal journey of healing from collective trauma and reconnecting with the sacred in the wake of catastrophic loss. Reflecting on this sacred story, we explore how the constricted consciousness created by personal, intergenerational and collective trauma is transformed. Jungian theory guides our understanding of how trauma creates a state of exile, where the ego becomes alienated from the Self.  As we are awakened through numinous experience, we reconnect with the Self’s guiding wisdom.

The archetypes in the Exodus story show us how to grieve the losses engendered by both personal and intergenerational trauma, reconnect with the wellsprings of ancestral memory, discover the light hidden in the darkness of what may have been disowned in our family and cultural lineages, and soften defenses developed in response to trauma. As we do, we open to rebirth and post-traumatic repatterning of consciousness.

In this program we explore the rich psychological meaning of the archetypal journey of the Exodus story, a vessel into which Jewish sages over millennia distilled mystical wisdom. We find that this timeless story is also the story of our own time, offering profound insight for healing from personal and transgenerational trauma following the cataclysmic upheavals of recent collective history.

Understanding exile as disconnection from the Source, we follow Moses, keeper of the spiritual fire, and Serach bat Asher, preserver of ancestral memory. We encounter the depths with Joseph, touch collective grief with Lilith, experience the Red Sea crossing and Miriam’s well as psychological rebirth and Sinai as the repatterning of traumatized consciousness.

Wisdom drawn from millennia of Jewish mystical interpretations of the Exodus, as well as analytical psychology perspectives guide our exploration. The role of the Shekhinah (the Divine Feminine) in kabbalah is central in restoring our capacities for feeling and embodiment, both of which are profoundly injured when we experience trauma. The workshop will explore the teachings of Jungian scholars on themes related to Jewish mysticism and intergenerational trauma. The wider cross-cultural mythic implications of the Exodus story as both a personal and collective story about healing the relationship with the Self will also be explored.