Professional Experience

Carolyn Shoshana Fershtman, JD, PhD

Psychologist and Jungian Analyst

I am certified as a Jungian Analyst and a member of the CG Jung Institute of San Francisco, and a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY 22774).

I received my Ph.D. in Psychology from Meridian University (formerly Institute of Imaginal Studies) in Sonoma County, California, which provided extensive training in imaginal and Jungian oriented psychotherapy, as well as somatic, mindfulness, psychodynamic, shamanic and ecopsychology approaches. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from UC Berkeley, and my Juris Doctor (JD) from UCLA School of Law.

I served as a member of the core faculty in the Masters’ Program in Depth Psychology at Sonoma State University, and as a member of the core faculty at Meridian University.

My book, The Mystical Exodus in Jungian Perspective: Transforming Trauma and the Wellsprings of Renewal was released in April 2021. In it I explore how engaging mythic imagination and collective memory provides a pathway to reconnecting with the sacred in the wake of personal, transgenerational and cultural collective trauma.

I trained at the Lomi Clinic in Santa Rosa and completed the Lomi Applied Somatics Program, an extensive training in mindfulness, Gestalt and somatic therapy approaches.

In addition to my psychology training and experience, I worked as an attorney advocate for community and social justice organizations, various Native American tribes, and environmental organizations to protect the sensitive habitats of the north coast region.

Memberships: Member Analyst, CG Jung Institute of San Francisco, Redwood Psychological Association, California Psychological Association, California State Bar (inactive status).

Shoshana Fershtman, JD, PhD
Psychologist and Jungian Analyst
Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, CA, 95404
(707) 528-2441